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If you’ve had an experience with TDL Dental Group, we’d love to hear from you!

“I love Dr. Lee and his team. Dr. Lee is a wonderful dentist and gives great feedback and explains all procedures. Jan deals with all of my anxieties about cost and works with my insurance to make sure that I know what’s covered and what’s not and what I need to pay. I appreciate that:-)…”

Fred T. McWilliams III

“Dr. Lee was very professional and got the job done.He checks with your Insurance first before doing any procedures, so you know exactly how much out of pocket expense will be incurred. No surprises.I will strongly recommend him. Thank you!”


“I always have a wonderful experience at Dr. Lee’s office. Dr. Lee and his personnel are very caring and friendly, my preferences are kindly taken into consideration, and the work is done with great attention and thoroughness. Dr. Lee always explains exactly what’s going on, is very positive, and answers any questions. Thank you so much!”


“As always, I find my visits to Dr. Lee’s non-stressful. His reception and dental staff are friendly, welcoming and very professional. In my visit today I had a cleaning and two fillings, and it all went very well.”


“Great service, despite being understaffed that morning. Friendly, gentle cleaning and x-rays. The only real discomfort was caused by the large bitewings used for the xrays, however, that is par for the course at most clinics. I appreciated that no extra services were pushed on me and all questions were answered completely, clearly and patiently; Dr. Lee never seemed rushed or stressed even though he was missing a secretary that day. They even looked up my insurance before I came to make sure that what I was coming in for was covered by my insurance. Much appreciated!”


“I changed dentists (reluctantly) because I needed significant dental work and wanted a dentist who was in my insurance company’s provider network. I’m very happy with Dr. Lee. He’s congenial, and he takes time to explain his diagnoses and procedures, which I appreciate. Most importantly, he’s as gentle as possible during dental procedures. Dr. Lee’s staff is also friendly and supportive.The only reason I haven’t rated my likelihood of referring others to Dr. Lee as a 10 is that I’ve only been his patient for a few weeks.”


“Dr. Lee and his dental staff were amazing. My insurance was approved before I even went into his office, even though it took a while as I have a different kind of insurance. Everyone was smart, efficient, honest, and personable. I did not have to wait at all–the tech came in immediately and when she was done, Dr. Lee was ready. They did not try to sell me anything I did not need, nor did they hustle night guards. Dr. Lee used the new water/sonar technology to clean my teeth himself. They even took my blood pressure.I was completely comfortable the whole time. I trust everyone in this office and I feel very lucky to have had my perfect dental experience. This happened to be exactly what I have always wanted, but I truly believe…”


“All is well with the fillings — I just wish my retired economic status allowed me to just fix everything at once, but it doesn’t, so it’s just something I guess I have to learn to live with.”


“Dr. Lee is great!!! He always takes his time to listen to my concerns and is very thorough in what he does, which I like. I always feel like I am in the best hands with him and his assistants and would recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist.”


“Dr. Lee is awesome. The building itself is a little outdated but don’t let that turn you off (in case you viewed it on streetview prior to your appointment). Everything inside is brand new. He was very nice and did a great job with my cleaning. I’ve finally found a new dentist in the east bay!”


“My molar had to be removed, the molar was broken down to the gumline. Dr. Lee extracted the tooth with no problems and I had no pain associated with the extraction. I was amazed at how fast and easy the process was and Dr. Lee is very professional.”


“I just had filing work done yesterday and I’m amazed at how smooth everything went. I was in and out of the office within 45 minutes and Dr. Timothy Lee is great. He’s very knowledgable and made sure that I understood everything he was doing and that I was comfortable. I also came in for a dental cleaning and x-ray exam a few weeks ago and was very pleased with everything.”


“Dr. Lee operates in an unassuming office with tons of incredible technology to better educate you about what’s going on with your dental health. He answered my many questions, helped me weight my options, and his reception and dental hygienist were awesome.”


“I have been a patient of Dr Lee for a little over a year and I find him to be an excellent dentist. He provides essential services and doesn’t concentrate on the cosmetic and peripheral. And he does it with excellent style and a good supporting team. I’ve been goin to dentists for a long time – Dr Lee is one of the best I have encountered. I recommend him highly.”


“A very pleasant experience. Dr. Lee is very straight forwards and did an excellent job. The receptionist promptly put together a quote for me for further work I needed. A great dental practice!”


“Dr Lee, Janet, and Christine were all very friendly and professional, as always. It’s a joy to go to this office. Dr. Lee is very skilled and I trust him with my dental health. Keep up the good work!”


“I’ve seen Dr Lee several times and he always gets me in quickly and provides efficient, excellent service. He patiently explains the procedures and makes sure I’m doing okay with everything. He uses modern, up to date equipment including digital x-rays and cameras.”


“Dr Lee fixed a chip in my front teeth awhile back and when i re-chipped one tooth I was able to immediately come in for a quick repair. The color match was spot on and I wasn’t even charged. This should be your dentist, hands down.”


I just saw Doctor Lee for the second time at TDL Dental to troubleshoot some persistent gum pain I have been having. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable, competent, patient and kind, spent a good amount of time exploring and explaining the probable cause. All the staff in the office are also quite nice.

Carol Christian

This was the best dental experience I have had and I am a senior. All the latest equipment to aid in an examination. Each person was knowledgeable, friendly and very aware of my comfort needs. The dentist was great. The prices were very competitive with the area. I highly recommend this practice. I saw Dr. Lee.

Cynthia Babat

Nicest, most personable and knowledgeable office staff, dentists, assistants and hygienists of any practice I have ever been experienced!! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Adam Schwartz

Love them! Because of other medical problems, could not have dental work for 6 months. But had not had a cleaning since May of 2018. Went for cleaning today and they are all so caring, starting with the receptionist. They took the time to chat with me about what I had been through. Dr. Goodman examined me and I was blessed not to have any significant issues. A dear friend was with me and she liked the energy and atmosphere so that she signed up as a patient right on the spot.

Brenda Fields

Excellent service. Especially Dental Hygienist Anita. Very competent and very kind. Excellent oversight by Dr. Goodman.

Fred Schlachter

Dr. Goodman is so warm and is also an excellent dentist. I needed to see her right away for a chipped tooth and I got seen that day. They took great care of me.

Janet Stone

I highly recommend this practice! Every single person who works here is thoughtful and kind. I always enjoy going to the dentist thanks to this incredible team! They have even motivated me to start flossing regularly!

Lia Papazoglou

Fantastic and gentle care, state of the art diagnostics equipment and knowledge. The friendliest and super competent staff. Highly recommended!

Idan levin

“Dr. Lee is a wonderful dentist. I am really happy that I found him through my insurance because he is by far the gentlest, kindest dentist I have seen. The office is friendly & supportive & low key. The woman at the front desk is super helpful. Dr. Lee is patient & skillful & not in a rush. I felt completely cared for & that I could easily trust him because he is present with you as he works & he continually checks in with you & encourages you through the process… Thank you.”

Berlena Gullett

“I have never been more satisfied with the service and attention I got from Dr. Lee and his staff on my visit. He took time to thoroughly examine my teeth and explain the condition of my teeth and what needs to be done. His patience, dedication and knowledge of dentistry is overwhelming. He even arrange to have a specialist come in to check on my other dental problem.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”


“My cleaning and exam with Dr. Lee, aided by his excellent dental technician Anna, was a very positive and pain-free experience. I really appreciated the details they both dispensed during my checkup; I received some useful information to help me take better care of my teeth, and was also assured that they knew exactly what they were doing every step of the way. I know I’m in good hands with this team and look forward to my next visit.”


“I hadn’t been to the dentist in 10 years, so naturally I was worried about what they were going to tell (and do to) me. I really appreciated the thorough check-up and frank nature of the discussions we had about my dental health. They answered all of my questions, dispelled my anxiety, and made sure I was knowledgeable and comfortable about the way forward. Overall an excellent experience. Highly recommended.”

Ray S.

“Dr. Lee and his entire staff are wonderful! Very professional. Dr. Lee kept me well informed about what he was doing and gave me a heads up about things that I may want to consider in the future. He explained what he was doing and provided positive feedback.”


“I always enjoy my visits to Dr. Lee’s Office. He is a very gentle dentist and he gives excellent advice on how to keep you teeth healthy and attached to your gums:-). I got a great review on how my teeth are doing and that is because he gave good advice and I actually followed it:-). The staff is warm and friendly and if you’re the nervous type, they will calm you down and give you the best dental experience possible. I recommend his office to to anyone and everyone.”


“Dr. Lee was friendly, gentle and informative as always. I appreciated our nice conversation (as much as possible while the dentist is inspecting your mouth – ha!) and his thorough cleaning. No complaints! He also has a great referral program so I tell all my friends about him.”


“I had some trepidation about seeing a new dentist especially since it has been some time between dental exams and I was experiencing bleeding gums, but Dr. Lee was very compassionate, thorough and non-judgmental. He hand-scaled my teeth as I requested rather than forcing me to use the ultrasonic cleaning which I find uncomfortable. Dr. Lee and his staff are first rate.”


“I appreciate the quality of work by Dr. Lee and his staff. Dr. Lee is also good about seeking alternative, more affordable options, even at the expense of providing the service himself e.g. athletic mouth guard.”


“Dr Lee’s ultrasonic cleaning tool almost eliminated the scraping – and had not been to the dentist in two years. Dr. Lee is a super nice guy and explained everything that was going on. Probably my best dentist visit ever. I normally don’t do reviews, but Dr. Lee deserves.”


“Office staff were personable and knowledgable of what procedures were occuring on the date of my visit. The appointment was within the stated timeline, and throughout the process Dr. Tim ensured that I was as comfortable as possible.”


“Dr. Lee is the best dentist I have ever been treated by, without a doubt. I have been a patient for years now and the staff and Dr. Lee always treat me as if they are caring for a family member–great communicators, caring and very skilled dental staff. I have had just about every possible dental issue treated and resolved here, and Dr. Lee has always been great with explaining and answering all my questions from start to finish. Fantastic results and as pain-free/comfortable as possible! Everyone was a pleasure to talk to and I felt like they truly cared about my experience. Thank you for the excellent care!”


“Love Dr. Lee and his team. They are professional, yet warm and friendly. I never fill pressured to have procedures done and Dr. Lee always explains what is going to happen before he starts a procedure. I am very comfortable with him!”


“I’m terrified of dentists. However, this was the best experience I’ve had with one. Dr. Lee has great bedside manners. I was put at ease by his reassuring words as he performed the procedure on me. There was no pain or discomfort during nor after the visit. He was not pushy when recommending treatment plans and clearly explained why I needed certain procedures and what my options were. He has definitely changed my opinion about dentists.”


“I enjoy my dental appointments because of the friendly, welcoming atmosphere the entire staff brings forth.The only issue I have -Dr. Vincek always treated each individual tooth thoroughly with the cleaning and polishing. The cleaning and polishing is very cursory and not thorough. Only a skimming effort is made with sweeping motion over the teeth’s surface and not any focus of each tooth.”


“My visit was very pleasant. Dr. Lee is professional, I trust his judgement and everything was thoroughly explained to me. His assistant was also very gentle and friendly. I appreciate she let me know Dr. Lee was late so I could read my book rather than waiting boringly. My only complaint is I still haven’t heard from the receptionist about my insurance coverage for cavities. She said she would get back to me, but hasn’t yet.”


“I have been going to Dr. Lee for the past several years and to date have NEVER had a bad experience. Dr. Lee is gentle but very thorough. Dr. Lee and his dental assistant and receptionist are warm and friendly.”


“Excellent Dentist and support staff. Flexible scheduling, welcoming, and worked seamlessly with my insurance to make sure I knew what fees would be due prior to receiving treatment. Dr. Lee will walk you through exactly what he is doing and answers questions in an informative and understandable way. Great experience with this dentist office so far!”


Great People
Good Medicine!

Alexander Agopovich

Been going to the same dental buikding Different dentist now but about 35 years is a long time to stick with a dentist If you dont like them so I highly recommend them

Sharon Reid

Dr Lee is the best of the best, as always! Deborah made my teeth feel like new again and was gentle and very personable. Joy was as sweet as I remembered. Was so good seeing Cristina again after such a long time!

Janet Pella

Friendly greeting by the receptionist when I arrive. The wait time is short before I’m invited in either by the dental hygienist or Dr. Lee. The office is clean and well kept. The work done is top notch. Dr. Lee is an excellent dentist and provides his patients with the newest techniques.

Lorna Skantze-Neill

Very happy with my hygienist and my dentist…..

Pam Winthers

Very professional, state of the art. Been going to Tim’s office since he took over from Dr. Vincek and he’s done a great job”

Donald Pluth

Great dental office and staff!!!

I Cabrera

“I was in a huge hurry to get out by a certain time. Both the hygenist and Dr. Lee worked lickety-split to get me out on time, while providing excellent service.”


“I love Dr. Lee and his staff. They make you feel comfortable and I always get such positive feedback from Dr. Lee on how well I am maintaining my teeth:-). He’s through and patient and answers all of your questions. I highly recommend his office.”


“Visit with hygienist, Anna, was very informative, and nice to be reinforced for what I am doing correctly and also advice on what else I can do to improve. Want to keep teeth my whole life! Thanks Anna!”

Pat K.

“Dr. Lee is very thorough and provides alot of time and patience answering my questions. I chose him based on reviews on Yelp. His staff is also very courteous, professional, and very helpful answering my questions.”


“I appreciate how Dr. Lee explains everything that’s going on in my mouth and how it will affect me in the long-term. The technology in the office is top-notch and the staff is professional! I appreciate that it’s not an over-the-top SPA type of experience with a lot of expensive and unnecessary bells and whistles.”


“Friendly and professional. Dr. Lee did a great job and recommended a less complicated and less costly fix for one of my teeth than my life-long dentist (who I moved away from) had recommended. Simply awesome. I would refer anyone to him!”


“Dr. Lee is gentle but thorough. His dental assistant and receptionist are very good at their respective jobs. I like all the tech improvements both in communicating with clients and examination room. I love the Pandora music piped into the examine room.”


“My experience was very good. I typically have a very nervous dental appt. experience. Dr. Lee’s chair side demeanor is excellent. He continually told me what he was going to do next. His Assistant was excellent as well.”


“Fast and friendly service! Even though I was 15 minutes late, the doctor still saw me and I didn’t feel rushed. The doctor also provided treatment options when I asked about my conditions. No pressure, I liked that.”


“Love that he did the cleaning himself. That doesn’t happen too often and it made such a difference. He is very informative and very friendly. Looking forward for future treatments and services.”


“I had a sub par experience with my last dentist in Oakland, so decided to try a new one. After doing a bit of research I made an appointment with Dr. Timothy Lee, and boy was I glad that I did! I was seen right on time, the entire staff was professional and efficient and made me feel totally comfortable. My cleaning was quick and painless, and Dr. Lee was not only friendly and easygoing, but also gave me excellent advice about how I can better care for my teeth and gums. (Because I already do a pretty good job, no other dentist had mentioned how I could improve things even further, but I appreciated it!) I will definitely go back, and will highly recommend their services to my friends.”


“Very impressive. Had a 2.5 hour appt to refill old fillings and cleaning. Thought my mouth would be sore the next day from the shots in my upper front gums and all the drilling. Everything went very smooth and mouth feel great. I love the way he informs you of what is going on as he is working on your mouth.”


“I just had three cavities filled (yuck!), but Dr. Lee was so gentle and competent throughout that whole process that I left feeling very well cared for!! He informed me along the way of different steps with the procedure, calmed me down when I was nervous, was quick and painless and even educated me about mouth anatomy. I totally trust his work.”


“The first thing I appreciated about my first appointment was that it started on time. I didn’t have a lot of time to spare, and this was really helpful, and showed me that my needs were respected. I moved on from my last dentist because I was looking for someone a little more modern, but also someone who wasn’t trying to push unnecessary expensive treatments on me. I left feeling like I had found what I was looking for. I also appreciated that the dentist explained things in detail, both volunteering information, and answering my questions. I am cautious about health risks from chemicals, and I appreciated that nothing was pushed on me that I didn’t want. He simply explained the benefits, from his perspective, and allowed me to c…”


“I always enjoyed going to the dentist with Dr. Lee and his staff at their cozy Oakland office and would recommend them to anyone. Visits were always easy to schedule, never took too long, but felt thorough and patient-focused. Dr. Lee really lets you know what’s happening and what your options are so you don’t feel duped or mislead but rather able to make an informed choice thanks to his sound professional input and advice. Trust me, you’re in good hands!”


“Everything was great (I was there quite a few weeks ago) but I would love to see the Cosmo magazines in the waiting room go into the recycling bin. They could be replaced by more conscious types of magazines! Dr. Lee is a down-to-earth, honest dentist and I look forward to going back in a few months.”


“I have not had a cavity in 50 years. Dr. Lee had to remove two ancient cavities and refill them. It was painless, quick and efficient. The only thing I dreaded was the novocain injection. Dr. Lee numbed the area before the injection and I did not feel a thing. Not that I want any cavities but if I had to have one taken care of I would only ask Dr. Lee”


No-frills office, helpful and knowledgeable office staff, and top-notch dentistry. Jolie Goodman is a gifted dentist.

Clark F.

Very gentle dentist and hygienist. The staff is amazing and really kind. I highly recommend this place:)

Joe B.

I’ve been going here for years. I was so nervous when the new dentists took over. To my relief Dr. Lee and Goodman are both great. No matter how busy they get they both take the time to explain your care options. Pam and Joy are rare rays of sunshine. They are always very helpful and have helped me more than once with a scheduling conflicts. Our kids are now in college in different cities but they trust/love TDL so much they schedule their appointments for when they are home. Great central location with plenty of metered parking.

lakisha m.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Timothy Lee’s for years now. He and his staff never fail me. Even when they are super busy, their humanity and loyalty to the patient stands out.

His dental hygienist Claudia Patterson is top notch — very informative and thorough. I highly recommend this dental practice in Oakland!

Angie C.

Everyone at TDL is amazing, kind, personable and genuine. I’ve had the pleasure of having been cared for by Dr. Goodman. She turned a REALLY bad dental situation into one I feel “good” about. Her care, her professionalism, and “bedside manner” have changed my view of dentists all together. I had a few scares after some dental surgery which resulted in some late night calls to their voicemail. And Pamela always answered them immediately the next morning with a smile and care. At the end of the day, it’s all you can ask for.

They care. They’re professional. They will help you understand why it all matters.

Joshua C.

Best Dentist experience of my life. I went in with a bias thoughts, based on my experience with western Dental. Came out a new man and more willing to go back. The entire staff is amazing, thank you guys for setting such a standard. I wish everyone can experience TDL Dental Group.

Rufus W.

I’ve been going to this dental group for over 6 years now and they are wonderful. Debra the hygienist is amazing. Meticulous and gentle. Super friendly and professional. Both the dentists are wonderful and very professional. Good bed side manner. I am very happy here.

Ilene B.

Changing my dentist to TDL was the best decision I’ve ever made. They’re so helpful and everything is an easy process. I love the dentist!

Sydney D.

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